The Best Way To Chiken Dinner In PUBG MOBILE, Part 2.


Selecting the Ideal Weapon

I have got a buddy who manages firearms with heavy recoil nicely but I can not. Take in brief accurate, powerful bursts which you are able to control.

The brand new update includes an armory that reveals the stats on each weapon in the game. The brief description for every single weapon is useful too.

Easy to manage, packs a punch and functions with a lot of attachments. Study your favourite weapon from the armory to understand what attachments to keep an eye out for. I discovered the angled foregrip helps counter clockwise better compared to vertical foregrip. They help with recoil on the M16 but I am constantly on the watch for one over other. Collect the attachments and ammo your favourite weapon utilizes before you get the weapon. This way, everything is mechanically fitted along with the weapon is prepared for use to it’s full capacity if you do get it.

Aim your landscapes down with your extent however near a enemy is for superior precision and to deal more harm.


I depended on throwables a great deal when I started because when playing FPS games such as COD, I used them through firefights. Maybe not a fantastic idea about PUBG mobile. I would always get pumped out until the nade left my hands. Throwables are something you should have only so that you won’t want them. Employ them to flush out someone or out yourself while retreating or hammering a teammate — be cautious because people can nevertheless blind-fire throughout the smoke and strike you.

Climbing the staircase to face them would have been a lousy idea. Employing a grenade to attempt knocking them out or getting down them would have been a much better one. Bear in mind that many players possess automatic weapons and will end you until that’nade leaves your hands — particularly if you’re caught off guard. Use a grenade only in the event that you’ve got good cover, else rely upon your own rifle.

I changed into a grenade and took a few rounds before instantly switching back to my own M16 to kill both gamers.

Engaging Targets

I play with an extremely reactive non-confrontational sort of sport — camping occasionally particularly when playing solo that’s ok particularly once you’ve got everything you need . Take a position on a roof or from a window and participate any participant that comes by.

I am reluctant to looking for confrontations, except if it is down to five or five players. Survival is considerably more significant than going to a murderous rampage. You are free to kill anybody you encounter that really wants to kill you, but do not seek outside players.

Keep your eyes on the maps to work out the closeness of shots for your own position. The mini-map lights up with a sign (orange-colored rounds) showing the location of somebody shooting with no muzzle. Attempt to not accidentally shoot with no one and show your position. If you do, go away fast from your present location. In the event the orange-colored rounds around the mini-map are somewhat faded, it is happening a fantastic distance off and you may not have the ability to see it. You might even use the snowy v-shaped light connected to a place icon on the map. It signifies that your visual array so when the orange bullets are outside it, it’s likely that you won’t have the ability to observe that the firefight or the shot.

Most important information when traversing the map would be to always test your six — I have surprised plenty of gamers running up in my six. Utilize the eye tool when moving or sprinting to look around assessing your spine and your flanks. Do not forget about looking forward so that you do not rush to a headshot. Do not always rely on your teammates to see your own back. I have been going with teammates once somebody was running us up was not the only one who noticed.

During heavy firefights that are guaranteed to draw attention, remain aware of your surroundings. The noise of shots brings other players so that I typically watch the backs of my teammates when they are engaging a participant or have them out. You do not need to wait for two hours prior to looting before you go to get a deceased players cage, just be careful. If you are playing squads, their teammates or somebody else can surprise you readily.

Not a fantastic way to die and even at a car (that are usually along streets ), you can not outrun the blue zone in case you did not have a head start. It becomes strong as the game continues so that you can not endure for long away from the second or next one. Quit to cure when outside the secure zone and take action early as your health keeps falling as you employ a health kit.

Keep an eye on both zones as well as also the warnings that pop up. I have gotten carried away through a firefight or looting. Unequip your weapon to operate quicker if in your foot. The blue zone may easily kill them .

Engaging Targets

I really don’t kill people with no fantastic reason to — conserves ammo and does not show my place and invite focus. Say I place someone sprinting a few hundred meters if they do not notice me move towards my place, I likely would not engage. Times I really do participate are if enemies are near and have not noticed me obviously when I am being shot at. Simply head out of your way to kill somebody if you want tools. You do not have to fall 50 gamers to win. I have won a match with literally zero kills(blue zone murdered the last man ).

I have a range so that I can do so efficiently. Firing with no scope or aiming down your landscapes reduces precision and scores less harm on account of the space so that it requires more shots to destroy an enemy. Crouch instantly after getting struck — it provides you a opportunity to track down and engage the shooter while they fix their goal.

Take cover as soon as you’re able to. This is not the American civil war in which you have soldiers on either side lined up a couple of feet off shooting muskets and cannons at each other. Nobody struggles like this anymore. I am typically posted up behind something — trees, buildings or vehicles. Particularly in the last phases where there is less than 10 players.

Move quickly if from the open not staying still. Crouch and move fast or stand and creep. If you can not manage to take pay when you are being participated, down your competitor quickly with the procedure above — great time to mention the procedure benefits from you with body armor, mind protection and a complete health(use painkillers and energy beverages ). Taking cover behind trees assists in discovering where a shooter is coming from.

Utilize the mini-map to work out you are taking fire out of or duck and creep around you fast with your thumb together with your left to back away(based on your own controllers design ) to obtain the shot. It is very important to do this before retreating so that you do not run directly into the shooters rifle.

When getting shot , both participate and your attacker down or operate, rather for a pay in a random or zig-zag routine and cure if you are injured. I repeat, never lie . A great deal of players do so. Regrettably, stop, drop and roll up (because I love to call it) or moving likely does not do the job. Going prone does not make you suddenly invisible, just less nimble.

A different way to invite rounds in your body is operating in a direct line with your back to the shooter. Not pretending to be a PUBG athlete or anything(still have difficulty hitting running goals without focusing ) but you’ve got a better probability of dodging bullets should you do not operate in a direct line.

Retreating & Being a Good Squad Mate

Practice retreating. It is not an indication of weakness or defeat. The top armies escape to fight another day or to obtain a tactical advantage. Do assist teammates when they are knocked out if you are near or may get to them until they run from wellbeing but also know if you have to run away — like when your place is too sexy. I avert hot areas such as the plague — always spamming “Let us go!” Played a game where my teammate and I moved to get a loot box at a jeep and I have knocked out. ” or “Let us go!” From the fast chat.

Play like a true squad together with teammates. Even without voice discussions, I play random group mates really well. When we land in various locations, I get everything I want and proceed to the closest squad partner or pick up everyone with a car or truck. You’ve got a better prospect of winning as soon as the squad is collectively. Dip a med kit in case a group mate just endured a brutal firefight and discuss resources. The target is to win and you’ve got a much better opportunity with the squad living and booted up.

Baiting & Seizing Opportunities

Bait other gamers utilizing the cage of a participant you simply killed or by intentionally showing your place if you are playing a group while the other teammate lies in wait. This may be a great strategy to draw the last players. I had been in a match in which a teammate got thrown so that the body was suspended in place. Him, an enemy. Rather than carrying a position with or near himI did the reverse and put up over-watch at a tower away from him knowing without doubt that the previous player would approach him and sure enough I got a simple chicken dinner.

Vehicular Combat

Aside from a busted paint job, you are better off pushing away instead of facing or seeking to run over somebody shooting your motor vehicle. You would be astonished how simple being pumped out is if in a moving automobile. Vehicles provide considerably more security when you are ducked beside you than riding in a single. In addition to the brand new update today enables tire damage from bullets that may render your car or truck immobile. Likely also should not stick your head outside of their car for any reason — you are easier to hit and knock outside.

If I am driving and getting shot , facing the shooter involves parking the car horizontally — ensuring to keep a fantastic distance between the shooter. I depart the automobile crouching from the drivers side alongside it for creating a simple escape if I have sadly ran into John Wick. If I am lucky to not, I participate with the advantage of pay, space and also a getaway vehicle.

Going for Loot Boxes

Loot box fall sites are often among the most popular websites in the sport. There is plenty of gamers heading for them and also the most wicked people (I am guilty of the ) set up sniper positions and down anybody going for or in the website of a loot box. It is a simple way to bag kills, particularly headshots as players may remain stationary while looting. That explains the reason why I would guidance heading to get a loot box at a car, moving on foot could be suicide. Park your vehicle on one side of this loot box and then sandwich yourself involving the loot box along with your automobile (this way you’ve got cover two sides). Loot fast and if it is get too hot, do not participate. Get in your car or truck and escape likely driving too. As I said. . .snipers.

Final Stages(less than 10 players left)

You have to be a great deal more attentive and attentive than you have been during the sport. Move slowly and intentionally with the eye tool to look at your six and flanks. If you are posted up behind a tree, then minimize unnecessary moves due to sound. If you are more likely and employing the tall grasses as cover, then proceed slowly as motion could be discovered especially if a participant does not mix in well. Crawl gradually taking pauses each crawls to appear around. Do not always slither around even using a ghillie suit.

Head towards the place of gunshots and firefights, it prevents you from waiting and needing to search for the additional players. You may surprise them until they surprise you using a VSS around to the mind. The majority of my wins have been because of spotting another participant . Be silent and patient, constantly moving to the secure zone carefully. You can not afford obtaining hurt from the blue zone and needing to cure yourself it’s a diversion and bandages can be noisy. If you are propped up from the secure zone prior to the blue zone begins moving you can track the bounds and take out folks just moving .

Do not be reluctant to utilize throwables to flush out players but I would strongly suggest sticking with an automatic weapon. Employing a throwable shows your place and is frequently ineffective and you had creating a bullet magnet. Based upon your position and degree from the sport, the last five or ten gamers are generally hardcore. Your very best chance of winning would be to spot different players but should you get seen first, take cover and in the event that you can not, do not panic. You have seen Fortnite players have not you?


PUBG can take sustaining a degree of consciousness and extreme focus for 30 or more minutes but what helps is playing a whole lot — that is the way you get better and create your own strategies, hone techniques and skills, locate what weapon functions for you and produce a exceptional battle style. I hope that you find this helpful in your quest for success. Bring home which chicken dinner!